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Little lighthouse

I was not born nor wish to die (never the less)

To you, I can confess
I cry my very best
My... ! My... ! when the light provides a clue

Unsolved mystery splashing my face
My... Oh, my ! I approach the grace !

I'm so impressed when I feel
More of what thoughts can hope to seal
Precisely where there is no deal
Restless !
Even though sun is at her best
Such as a pressing wanted lighthouse...
Such as a daily feared burned house...
"Elle m'emporte, cette peinture !"
Daring a soft and fragile cure...


poésie,acrostiche,tiniak,tim o' sullivan,photographe,mais pas que,little lighthouse,xtc

tiniak ©2018 DUKOU ZUMIN &ditions TwalesK
pour un tableau de Tim O' Sullivan


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